Be part of a Crypto Revolution.

We are a democratic exchange project.

We are the first crypto brokerage that aims to implement humanized support and physical branches throughout Brazil.

About Vinco

Vinco is the key to democratizing access to cryptocurrencies in Brazil. With the mission of democratizing Brazilian workers' access to the cryptocurrency market, we offer quality financial education and soon a safe and efficient trading platform.

Vinco Education offers content for investors of all skill levels to ensure a safe journey in our brokerage. Vinco Exchange is the platform where you can invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto assets. In addition, we provide internal opportunities, such as purchasing our utility token to access exclusive benefits.

Our focus is to provide education and financial inclusion, based on security, respect for regulations and transparency in our transactions. Our goal is to become the largest exchange in Brazil and throughout Latin America, offering personalized and multilingual support, public filtering by profile, humanized service, easy navigation, physical branches, educational content and personalized advice to guarantee the best experience in the market.

Vinco Token

Be part of the next revolution in crypto with Vinco Token: a perfect combination of perks, low fees and unique opportunities.

Become a Vinco Token holder and head into the future of WEB 3.0. Be part of the construction of a brokerage that will install physical branches throughout Brazil and offer a more humane and democratic service to its users.

Unlock exclusive benefits with Vinco Token: Super low trading fees, priority access to new products and loyalty programs.

Help us grow our community and earn with it: Get 10% USDT bonus when you refer friends. Share your referral link and earn. Join us in this revolution right now. (Subject to conditions previously informed by the Vinco Team)


to the biggest crypto project in Brazil.

A complete platform with high potential, transparency and simplicity.
It's from Brazil and for Brazil.

Vinco Exchange

Revolutionizing Investing: Transform the way you invest in cryptocurrencies.

Vinco Exchange: the Brazilian exchange that wants to revolutionize the way people invest in cryptocurrencies. With a focus on security, transparency and education, our goal is to be recognized as the largest exchange in Brazil and Latin America.

Unlimited Support: You are never alone.

We offer 24/7, multilingual, personalized support to help you grow with cryptocurrencies. Live chat and advanced artificial intelligence for immediate assistance.

Personalized Service: Designed for you.

For Vinco you are unique. Through a questionnaire, we will find the ideal investment profile for you and the right advisor to help you achieve your goals.

Communication in your favor: Vinco Branches.

We believe in the value of human communication in the Digital Age and that is why Vinco will install its physical branches, adding face-to-face support to the other various forms of support that will be available to all enthusiasts.

Vinco Education

Our mission is to democratize access to cryptocurrencies, making them accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation or technical knowledge, through an easy-to-use platform and educational resources.

Vinco's goal is to offer quality content for all levels of knowledge, from basic to advanced, with the aim of making access to information even easier and more accessible.

Our role is to expand users' knowledge of the market. With Vinco Educação, users will have access to content at all levels. And Vinco is committed to helping and revealing new leaders and professionals in the Web 3.0 market.

When it comes to education, we are ambitious, and we want to contribute to the development of teaching about Web 3.0 in Brazil. For this, we aim to achieve recognition as the first Educational Institution in Brazil fully dedicated to the decentralized internet and DeFi.

Learn and earn

Turn your knowledge into digital assets with Learn to Earn by Vinco Exchange, where you learn and earn at the same time.

Vinco will also include the Learn to Earn mode in its learning portal, being a catalyst and helping Vinco clients to understand and take advantage of the cryptocurrency market.

Learn to Earn will allow users to learn about cryptocurrencies and earn assets at the same time as their learning progresses.

With interactive courses, tests and challenges, this mode will be accessible and offer cryptocurrencies.

Vinco Launchpad

One of Vinco's banners is to democratize access for entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses to Web 3.0, with a crowdfunding solution for asset tokenization. All this safely and easily in the Vinco Launchpad.

Any company that meets Vinco's requirements and Brazilian laws will be able to present their company to the world, sharing ideas, values and information with the market.

Market enthusiasts will be able to invest in tokens of promising projects and participate in the success of these companies. Vinco Token holders will have priority (Whitelist) and additional benefits, subject to conditions previously informed by our team.


PHASE 1 2023

Whitepaper 1.0 Release - Learn about Vinco!

PHASE 2 2023

ICO Fundraising Started - Private phase for the Whale Club.

PHASE 3 2023

Pre-sale - Prioritizing CEO Gabriel Rodrigues' community of enthusiasts.

PHASE 4 2023

Open Public Sale - Buy the Vinco Token now!

PHASE 5 2023

End of ICO Fundraising.

PHASE 6 2023

Official Launch of the Vinco Token.

PHASE 7 2023

Development of the Vinco Education Portal.

PHASE 8 2023

Vinco Annual Conference for Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts.

PHASE 9 2024

Launch of the Vinco Exchange.

PHASE 10 2024

Opening of the First Vinco Exchange Physical Branch.

PHASE 11 2024

Launch of Vinco Launchpad.

PHASE 12 2024

Opening of the Vinco Academy.

PHASE 13 2024

Vinco Association Foundation.

KYC - Security and Transparency

Know the technology of
Vinco KYC.

Vinco values the transparency and security of its users, which is why we use a KYC (Know Your Customer) model to ensure that all our customers are who they say they are. This also helps us to comply with Brazilian laws and regulations and other legal rules.

We work with a specialized company to verify the identity of our customers and ensure that they comply with international standards for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. This helps us to keep our platform free from fraudulent or illegal activities.

Our team

Gabriel Rodrigues

Chief Executive Officer

Rafael Rodrigues

Chief Operating Officer

Marcos Armani

Chief Marketing Officer